Try NEW Post Honey Ohs!® cereal.

Waffle Minis

Waffle Minis are here!

Each crispy piece of waffle-shaped cereal is covered in the sweet and irresistible flavour of your favourite breakfast treat.

Fruity PEBBLES™ and Cocoa Fruity PEBBLES™ cereals, with Fred and Barney Characters.

PEBBLESTM cereal is available in Canada!

Try both Fruity PEBBLES™ cereal and Cocoa PEBBLES™ cereal.

Our Brands

If these look familiar, it’s because we’ve got some of the most iconic cereal brands in Canada. Maybe one you loved as a kid. Maybe your recent favorite. There’s a lot of tradition here, but also so much delicious invention. Keep an eye on this section, you never know what we’ll come up with next!

Honey Bunches of Oats
Post Shredded Wheat Original
Tim Hortons
Oreo O's
Chips Ahoy! Cereal, Céréales
Alpen Muesli
Cranberry Almond Crunch

Our Story

We’re a new company. If we went with the trend of putting our founding date by the logo, it’d be Post Consumer Brands, est. 2015. Yet you’ll find us wise beyond our seemingly small years. We are born from a pair of companies that saw the turn of the century, and the century before that. People were enjoying our Post Shredded Wheat cereal in 1892. Our bagged cereals have already saved families more than $1.5 billion. And that’s just a little bit about who we are.

Breakfast for Everyone

Think about what you had for breakfast this morning. Wait, you didn’t skip breakfast, did you? We are squarely in the “most important meal of the day” camp. That’s why we give families so many choices, beginning with the No. 1 choice for breakfast. Cereal. Nutritious Cereal. Fun cereal. Iconic brands. Value brands. We serve customers from every walk of life, but we believe they all share one thing: It’s a better day when it starts with a better breakfast.

Woman in a blue and white dotted blouse with brown short hair smiling with her arms crossed.

Our Careers

Begin your career at Post Consumer Brands. We offer great benefits, including wellness programs to help our employees and their families stay healthy. We believe our work is better when our lives outside of work are better.

Shredded Wheat crumble bar

Tasty Recipes

If you are looking for some fun ideas on how to use your favorite cereals in delicious new ways, you’ve come to the right place.