Post Foods Canada Inc. is dedicated to conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner. Suppliers play a key role in our efforts to ensure that we manage our global supply chain in a sustainable, socially responsible way.

Post Foods Canada Inc. expects our vendors and suppliers to comply with all local and national laws, regulations, rules, and requirements with respect to all products and services that they provide to Post Foods Canada Inc.. We also expect our suppliers to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Post Foods Canada Inc. periodically audits, directly and through third parties, our supplier base to ensure compliance with our food safety and business requirements. On an annual basis, the supplier base is scored using a risk based approach, and the audit strategy is developed from the risk scoring exercise. Supplier participation in our Food Safety program is mandatory and failure to meet the requirements of Post Foods Canada Inc. may result in discontinuation of the supplier relationship.

Additionally, our suppliers enter into written agreements with Post Foods Canada Inc. where suppliers agree to comply with applicable laws within the country of business.

In compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, Post Foods Canada Inc. does not accept or support the use of illegal, abusive, or forced labour in our own facilities. Within our supply chain, we ask that our suppliers comply with all laws of the country they are doing business in and subject to. For more information see Post Holdings, Inc.’s Disclosure under the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010.

The issue is challenging and we alone cannot solve this complex problem. We believe it is essential that all parties in our supply chains work together to support rural livelihoods, raise incomes, and ensure children and adults are not subject to these conditions.