Our Company

Some will tell you all it takes to get a company going is a better idea. That’s why so many companies don’t last. What it really takes is a passion for building a better company. Our company is a place amazing people come to do their best work. When Post Foods and MOM Brands came together in 2015 to form Post Consumer Brands, we already had a track record for being that sort of company. Our Shreddies brand, made proudly in Niagara Falls, Ontario, has been helping Canadians start their morning with the genuine goodness of 100% whole wheat for over 75 years. Our Sally’s brand bagged cereals are challenging convention and succeeding in a very competitive category. To name just two examples. Together, we now have an even stronger foundation for inspiring, collaborating and growing. The things we’ve always done best.

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Our Culture

Ours is a culture of shared opportunity. We succeed when we work as one. Our competitive energy is focused outward, rather than on one another. Yet we balance that with individual responsibility. It’s a good thing when each of us acts like we own the place. We stress humility. We believe our work is better when our lives outside of work are better. We make fierce intelligence and uncompromising humanity two sides of one business strategy. It’s a values-driven culture that we describe as freedom within a framework. We couldn’t be as successful any other way.

Our Organization

Here are some key vital statistics on Post Consumer Brands. We employ 2,800 people in the United States and Canada. That’s not a number that holds still for long, as the opportunities grow quickly here. Our headquarters is in Lakeville, Minnesota, a highly livable community surrounded by a dynamic metropolitan area. Our Canadian and International operations are headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, another dynamic and lively area. We also have production facilities in Michigan, Minnesota, Utah, North Carolina, Arkansas, Iowa and Ontario. Our plants in Utah and North Carolina are the only new cereal production facilities built since 2000, making them the most modern in the industry.

Our Mission

We are driven by one idea: to make better happen. When we make better happen, families get a better chance to choose what they love. Retailers get a fresh chance to grow. We succeed as a company. The communities around us are better off. When we make better happen in every fibre of our business, it adds up to a whole lot of better. And the real beauty is, better is endless.

Our Values

How do we make better happen? It starts with our values. They guide our decisions and our behaviours.

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Put Safety First

Nothing is worth making if those who make it and those who consume it aren’t safe.

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Be Bold

There are no great victories without taking risks. We relentlessly challenge and support each other to strive for great things.

Win as one Icon

Win As One

We are fierce competitors determined to win. We can only do that as a unified team, leveraging all our diversity and skills.

Act Like an Owner Icon

Act Like An Owner

We go to work like we own the place. Each of us is determined to make a measurable difference in our business and our world.

Do Right Icon

Do Right

From the way we source ingredients to the way we treat co-workers, we do right by our people, customers, communities and the planet.

Bring joy Icon

Bring Joy

We take our work seriously, but never ourselves. We work hard and have fun. In fact, joy is a vital ingredient in food.

Our Responsibility

As a food company, we naturally think about the world around us. Our cereal ingredients come from fields and farms. We rely on energy to keep our plants humming. And the towns and communities where our employees live and work depend on us to be there for them, as much as they’re here for us. We may not be able to solve every problem in the world, but we think it’s our responsibility to help make the world better. Here are some key areas that are important to us.

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We buy wind energy credits to offset power usage, and we have programs to help reduce waste, water, fuel and energy usage, and lower our carbon emissions.

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Our company has a long legacy of community support. That legacy lives on through donations of cash, product, and employee volunteer time to nonprofit and civic organizations

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Consumer Issues

We keep an eye on what consumers care about. We use quality ingredients from reputable suppliers and provide lots of choices based on specific needs.

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Fair Labour Practices

Safety is our No. 1 priority. Nothing is worth making if the people who make it aren’t safe. We offer great benefits, including wellness programs to help our employees and their families stay healthy.


Begin your career at Post Consumer Brands. We offer great benefits, including wellness programs to help our employees and their families stay healthy. We believe our work is better when our lives outside of work are better.

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