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Have a question about Post Consumer Brands? We have an answer! See below to read frequently asked questions, or contact our consumer affairs department for more information.

How do I read the code date on my Post cereal box?

All Post cereals have a code (or “Best Before”) date on the top flap of the box. For example, if the code date reads “17JN01,” the corresponding “Best Before” date is June 1, 2017. By referring to the Best Before date you can be sure the product you’ve chosen is at peak freshness at the time of purchase and for a reasonable period of time thereafter, when stored unopened in a cool, dry place. We cannot guarantee the freshness past the Best Before date code.

Can you give me some background on Post’s history?

The Post Cereals tradition dates back to 1895, when C.W. Post made his first batch of “Postum,” a cereal beverage. Since then, Post has followed a path of delicious innovation, creating cereals that have defined the breakfast experience for generations of families. Click here to learn more about Post history.

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