Sugar Crisp Bear holding a spoon of Sugar Crisp Cereal on a yellow background.

Can’t Get Enough

Sugar Crisp was introduced to North America in 1949. Through the years, Sugar Crisp saw several name changes, including Super Sugar Crisp, Super Golden Crisp, and Golden Crisp, the name by which it is currently known in the United States. In Canada, this satisfyingly sweet and crunchy puffed wheat cereal still remains known as Sugar Crisp. It’s no wonder Sugar Bear just “Can’t get enough of that Sugar Crisp.”

Sugar Bear’s Legacy of Cool

Since the cereal debuted, Sugar Bear, a bear with a cool swagger, has embodied the brand. Sugar Bear was voiced by Gerry Matthews for 40 years.

Sugar Bear went from hip to hero in the 1980s, turning into “Super Bear” when he ate Sugar Crisp. Suitably, “It’s got the crunch with punch” was added to the original jingle.