More than 100 Years of Warm Memories with Shredded Wheat

In 1892, Denver Attorney Henry Perky discovered the health benefits of whole wheat and, together with William Henry Ford, developed a machine that could press it into tiny shred-like strips. Perky and his brother, John, created The Cereal Machine Company to manufacture small hand-operated machines which people could use to make wheat biscuits at home.

Perky went on to open a restaurant to promote Shredded Wheat and featured Shredded Wheat in every item on the menu. Shredded Wheat was added to mashed potatoes, cakes, ice cream, candy and even coffee! All meats were also shredded and served in cups formed from wheat shreds. Perky realized that the real opportunity lay not in the manufacturing of the machines for domestic use, but in making the Shredded Wheat biscuit itself. In 1904, after establishing three plants in the USA, Perky opened a plant in Niagara Falls, Ontario called the Canadian Shredded Wheat Company.

Shredded Wheat Today

After more than 100 years, Original Shredded Wheat cereal still only has ONE ingredient. This classic cereal is made from 100% whole-grain Canadian wheat and provides a very high source of fibre (per labelled serving). Shredded Wheat has 0mg sodium and 0g sugars as per labelled serving and is a solid foundation for building a good start to the day. Shredded Wheat cereals provide the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals from the whole-grain wheat kernel. In addition to being a very high source of fibre, Post Shredded Wheat cereals are a source of iron, zinc and magnesium.

Why Experts Recommend High-Fibre Diets

Experts recommend fibre-rich diets because, on average, Canadians are not consuming enough dietary fibre on a daily basis. Some studies have shown high-fibre diets are usually lower in calories and larger in volume than low-fibre diets. Foods rich in fibre provide bulk, which requires more chewing and slower digestion. When increasing the amount of dietary fibre in your diet, water consumption must also increase.

With a very high source of fibre at 6 grams of fibre or more per serving, Post Shredded Wheat cereal is a great way to obtain at least 24% (Shredded Wheat & Bran is 28%) of your daily requirement of fibre.*

*Post Shredded Wheat – per 47 g serving.